Golf course superintendents worldwide are on a mission to provide Eco-Friendly golf courses — “Go Green.” To help fulfill this mission, Green Partners USATM recently announced its newly formed distribution company, which will bring “Eco-Friendly” Micro Carbon Technology® to Midwest area golf courses.

Green Partners USA, a distributor of HUMA GRO® TURF, provides a line of products developed and manufactured by Bio Huma Netics, Inc, which started developing high-efficiency liquid soil health and plant nutrition in 1973. “Bio Huma Netics” signifies the study and application of the relationship (Netics) between the Earth (Huma) and living organisms (Bio). The Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) that it uses as the base of all its ingredients is proven to be many times more efficient than conventional fertilizers — several times more efficient than granular fertilizers and a few times more efficient than the highest quality chelates. The extremely small molecule size in its MCT makes the difference.

Formed by local business entrepreneurs Chad White and TJ Blankenship, Green Partners USA, a Lee’s Summit, MO, based distribution company, will provide the best organic based turf and ornamental products on the market. Green Partners USATM is the sole distributor of HUMA GRO TURF products in select Midwest regions. Green Partners USA will serve golf courses, lawn and landscape companies, nurseries, athletic fields and more throughout Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Arkansas.

White, a local business entrepreneur since 1994, currently owns and operates multiple successful companies, and is adding Green Partners USA to his portfolio. With 15 years in the Green Industry, White pioneered Soysation, a green based spray foam insulation company.

Blankenship, a former golf course maintenance technician (1992 – 1998) for American Golf Inc, owned a successful lawn and landscape maintenance business (1998 – 2017), and currently owns a thriving golf tournament consultant business.

“HUMA GRO TURF products are being used around the globe to provide sustainable solutions to environmental challenges in the turf and ornamental industry as well as horticulture and agriculture,” said Blankenship. “HUMA GRO TURF’s proprietary Micro Carbon Technology combined with their other beneficial nutrients has allowed them to create over 70 high-quality products used to improve soil conditions and plant nutrition, increase mineral content and accelerate nutrient uptake in turf and ornamentals. We are excited to bring these products to the Midwest through Green Partners USA.”

“After extensive searches to find a quality environmentally-friendly line of turf and ornamental products to help TJ separate himself from an overly saturated lawn and landscape market, he discovered HUMA GRO TURF products,” said White. “His experience in golf-related businesses and working on courses all over the Midwest region helping tournaments — it became clear that HUMA GRO TURF products would be an amazing fit to help all golf courses in many ways.”

“HUMA GRO TURF has excellent turf programs structured just for the golf industry,” said Blankenship. “Every golf course wants the best greens and fairways, but there’s a huge cost involved in course maintenance and the struggles within our transition zone climate — Green Partners USA can help. A few of the key benefits of using HUMA GRO TURF products include water conservation, no harsh toxic chemicals leaching into clean waterways, easy application, less wear and tear on equipment, zero-residue build-up, cost savings and long-term reliable soil/plant health and nutrition with results that golfers will see and enjoy.”

According to HUMA GRO TURF, in a world of harsh chemicals, excess fertilization and reclaimed water on our golf courses, it has taken an environmentally- friendly approach to maintenance and problem solving on your golf course. PROMAX® is a product that can help golf courses quickly and is more cost-effective. OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed PROMAX for organic growing, which is used for the organic control of soil-borne diseases and plant parasitic nematodes. It works through contact as a preventive and curative agent. It’s fast acting and safe for both humans and the environment. It offers Zero Restricted Entry Interval (REI): Spray it and play on it. PROMAX is ideal for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs and is compatible with most insecticides, miticides, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers. PROMAX also works great on residential lawns, and it’s pet and kid safe. It will also work great in your garden, not only for nematodes but for controlling soil-borne diseases. It’s cost effective and it works!