Have you ever stood on the first tee box of a golf course, looking over the vast real estate in front of you? The fairway is manicured, mowed to perfection and lush green. There’s nothing more beautiful or inviting than standing on the first tee overlooking a perfect plush fairway — it can be the visual centerpiece that sets the tone for your entire day on the golf course. This is where golfers make comments such as “what a beautiful hole or golf course!” How do superintendents achieve the success or failure which spark such comments?

Despite what you may think — superintendents do not hibernate during winter. During winter months superintendents are planning and preparing course tuff for spring. Every day presents assaults on those perfect fairways and greens from environmental stresses and stress from heavy seasonal play. Defending against those assaults within the constrictions of a budget often requires an innovative approach and planning.

Huma Gro Turf® represents a new technology (45 years in the making) that helps superintendents manage many of their most challenging turf and budget needs. This new way of thinking, “Micro Carbon Technology,” removes harsh chemicals and conventional ways of previous generations, and provides superintendents better results while saving our environment.

Huma Gro Turf (HGT) offers superintendents a wide range of turf and soil solutions to help them meet many of their most daunting challenges as they prepare for the new 2019 golf season. Each of HGT’s products is powered by its proprietary Micro Carbon Technology®, a liquid plant nutrition carrier based on very small organic carbon particles that gets more nutrients into the turf faster than with other forms of fertilizer. These carbon particles aren’t only a great source of carbon for the soil and grass, they supercharge nutrient efficiency, soil health, turf growth and resiliency, and much, much more.

Huma Gro Turf provides multiple programs and categories of programs for superintendents to use as tools to help a golf course achieve its full potential. These liquid products can be easily mixed together with no clogging of equipment. For example, the HGT “Fairways Program” is based on just five fundamental modes of action; soil health, properly managed turf growth, balanced nutrition, desired color without excessive growth — with products that do not need watered in immediately.

Because of the vast size of most fairways, Huma Gro Turf combines these modes of action into three liquid products that are easily mixed together in a spray tank — one application! A real budget saver!