Professional Solution for Building Healthy Soil – Sustainable Soil Fertility

HUMA GRO® TURF MULTI-PURPOSE™ is a complex soil conditioner containing a unique mixture of Micro Carbon Technology®* and bio-stimulants designed to stimulate microbial activity in soil. Supplementary micronutrients and growth hormones are added that improve soil properties, increase nutrient availability to the plant, and improve overall turf quality.

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Benefits of Use:

  • Supports soil microbial activity
  • Increases nutrient uptake to turf
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Aerates compacted soils
  • Increases tolerance to summer stresses

Deficiency Symptoms—When to Apply:

  • Poor nutrient retention in sandy soils
  • Low levels of soil microbial activity
  • Alkalinity, salinity, or other harsh conditions from salt accumulation
  • Low soil organic matter
  • Poor water penetration or retention
  • Cloddy, crusted, and compacted soil

Application Instructions:

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Contents are highly concentrated and must be diluted with water in a ratio of at least 10 parts water to 1 part product prior to application. Best results will be obtained when application is concentrated in the active root zone. For turf and sod, the first application should be 15 to 20 days before seeding. Apply directly to the turf or soil followed by light irrigation. MULTI-PURPOSE™ can be applied in combination with compatible plant growth regulators, pesticides, or other liquid fertilizers. If compatibility is in question, jar-test a small quantity. Applications can be made as often as every 15 to 20 days as needed. Soil moisture is required for maximum bio-activity. If soil is dry, moisture should be provided by irrigation. See table below for specific rate instructions.

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