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Huma Gro® Turf ZAP® is an organic-based formulation for the treatment of unhealthy soil conditions through improved beneficial soil biological balance. ZAP® promotes a strong, healthy soil biology resulting in the natural management of soil pathogens and parasitic nematodes.

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ZAP® indirectly reduces the effect of soil-borne diseases and plant parasitic nematodes through:

  • Improved turf health and disease resistance.
  • Beneficial competitive exclusion of soil pathogens and nematodes.
  • Rapid improvement in beneficial soil microbial activity.
  • Establishment of soil biological balance and species diversity.
  • Reduced need for chemical pesticidal controls.

How ZAP® works:

  • Effect on the soil environment surrounding roots: ZAP® enhances activity of beneficial microbes detrimental to soil-borne diseases and plant-parasitic nematodes. •
  • Effect on turf: ZAP® improves root growth and as a result reduces susceptibility to secondary root infections.

Application Instructions:

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Contents are highly concentrated and must be diluted with water in a ratio of at least 10 parts water to 1 part product prior to application. Designed to be applied to the soil. Best results will be obtained when application is concentrated in the root zone. Can be applied in combination with compatible plant growth regulators, pesticides, or other liquid fertilizers. See table below for specific rate instructions.

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