If you golf, understanding that turf recovery and repair is one of the most important aspects of your local golf course — particularly during the heat of summer. Golf course maintenance professionals spend a large portion of their time struggling to give you the green turf you prefer this time of year.

The greens are our “Promised Land,” but the golf course isn’t always a “Land of Milk and Honey.” Sometimes turf is a land of stress, and I’m not talking about having an off day. I’m talking about the world of hurt we (golfers) put on the turf. Then, there is stresses from regular mowing, verticutting, aerating, rolling of greens, and the high volumes of fertilizers, pesticides and water that all create great playing conditions for us, but unfortunately, wreak havoc on turf.

The most common stresses put on turf is rigorous greens mowing. Not only does mowing itself stress turf, but the low — very low — cutting height that keeps grass at maximum playability is harmful to turf health. We all love quick greens and rolling can give turf a break from mowing. But, firming the green can also compact it. Rolling turf already stressed from heavy play, heat, disease, low-mowing heights and over-watering is simply piling on more stress.

Did you know that applying too much water under extreme heat can create the perfect playground for fungus? Over-watering not only wastes water, but can form a crust that blocks water, nutrients, air, and so on. On the other hand, shallow frequent watering encourages shallow roots, weakening turf to disease, pests, and other injuries. It’s best to not under or over-water by watering deeply when turf shows signs of wilting.

Huma Gro Turf Recovery and Repair Program Can Help

Minor turf repairs can become major problems if not treated quickly. With the proper recovery and repair program, golf course maintenance professionals can take a proactive approach to turf recovery and repair. One of the major turf programs at Huma Gro® Turf is its Turf Repair and Recovery Program. This program works through three modes of action; healthy soil, balanced nutrition and focused growth management.

The Huma Gro Turf’s proactive approach to recovery starts with healthy, sustainable soil. Healthy turf is built from the ground up. This is an ongoing practice. At the foundation is Multi-Purpose™, which improves soil structure and feeds beneficial soil biology. Apply Multi- Purpose to the soil one week before and one week after aeration or verticutting. At one week after, Turf Iron™ is also applied to aid turf growth vigor.

One week before verticutting or aerating, applying Turfplex® VII and Breakout® will aid in quick repair. Turfplex VII offers complete balanced nutrients for energy needed for recovery. It is designed to nourish and correct deficiencies for all types of turf in a wide range of conditions. It improves plant growth and productivity. Turfplex VII also enhances color, vigor and vitality in any setting.

Once soil health and nutrients are in place, Breakout® stimulates the natural hormones in the grass plant. This promotes horizontal growth, quickly filling in damaged turf. Breakout encourages a smooth, uniform putting surface that is healthy enough to withstand the low-cutting practices we all desire.

Golf course superintendents work diligently in many areas to maintain the health, aesthetics and playability to give us our golfing “Promise Land” — the greens and fairways. Hopefully, we can all become more aware of a Supers daily tasks and understand the stresses we create on the course. Now, if we can just figure out how to stop leaving those toupee size divots. Get out and enjoy your local golf course, nature, friends and the great game of golf!